Over the past year I’ve learned so much about life and love. And even if I could, I wouldn’t take back all the bad stuff that’s happened between us, ‘cause it brought us here, to this moment, this river. Marry me, Haley. Marry me again in front of all our friends and our family.

Last year we stood on a beach, and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, always protect you. That day, nobody believe that this would work. But I don’t think anybody understand the love that I had for you, because if they did, they would have never doubted us. So, I wanted to marry you all over again, in front of most of our world, because today, when I look into your eyes, my love for you only grows. It’s even stronger now. And our love will never waver. This I Vow to you, today and always, and forever. 

endless list of my favorite naley moments: 8/?
↳ 1x09 - "I’ll kiss you later." 

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Haley James Scott Appreciation Week » Day 7: Favourite occupation/job - Mother

"You have nothing? You have a beautiful son who is here. I am here! You’ve gotta figure out who you’re gonna be in this, Nathan. Because this version of you does not work for us"


OTH meme
[3/10] characters → Nathan Scott

There was a moment when I was l o s t, when they had beaten me. And I decided to b e g them to let me l i v e to see my beautiful wife, my son, and my daughter. To b r e a t h e another breath and lie in the sun and just live. But begging them wouldn’t change things. It would only give them satisfaction and that I wouldn’t do. No, this would be the job they carried with them for the rest of their lives. This would be the one they felt guilty about. That their older, fading selves woke up regretting in the middle of the night trying to quiet their remorse before their own deaths were upon them. So I made a decision to give them n o t h i n g. And in that moment one word came to mind - f o r t i t u d e.

one tree hill meme: [1/4] outfits → shirtlessness
damn it, you need to put a shirt on. you’re too sexy! god!


 TV MEME → [3/4] Families - The Scotts

None of this is worth losing my ability to hold my son when he’s afraid, and my wife when she needs me.

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