Why do you ship Maggie x Enzo? I feel like I'm the only one who does, to be honest.

Why? OMG! Because they are amazing. I love that Maggie stayed with him, even if she couldn’t bust him out of the Augustine prison, she was there and whilst he thought of her he wasn’t in pain, so to speak. She was his hope for a better future, and I love that he held onto that. Also, I saw a theory on tumblr that connected Maggie as an ancestor of Caroline, Margaret Forbes who Stefan killed when he was a ripper, Katherine told him when he was going blood crazy to repeat the names of those he killed, and she was there, therefore connecting the dots, Maggie could have been Margaret, and really that’s why I ship them, and I love that Enzo, is trying to find her. And I love even more the idea of Carenzo as friends, or more, despite shipping Steroline, Klaroline, Forwood and Maroline, because I just have a soft spot for him, he reminds me of Damon, and sometimes, even though he can be a psycho, and has killed, he was tortured for ten years and it’s nice to know that he can love someone, that much, you know?

Hope this answers your question. P.S. I have a thing for brittish accents.

I know he’s dead, but it was great seeing Kol again. I really hope Kol finds a way to cross over into the land of the living. If Markos can do it, so can Kol.
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 KOL MIKAELSON 5x18 ~ I got to say, It’s good to be seen.

So what happened?

"The universe doesn’t control anything. It’s not real."
"The universe doesn’t control anything. It’s not real."


au, where Kol comes back from the dead and see his family ruined and no one misses him, except his Sister

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