Jessica Mauboy & The Sapphires — PLAYED 2,165 TIMES


This song is actually just the best song to jam to

Jyler + scenery

Katherine + Matty

make me choose: edwardrockbells asked: scott/allison/isaac or elena/tyler/caroline

Bonnie and Damon + synchronized movements

listen here; (x)

"This city would have seen you dead. But I will have it your home. And every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down just as sure as my blood runs in your veins. You will return to me."

Bonnie and Damon in “The Other Side” (in the style of ‘Walk The Line’)

maybe you should start doing things a little d i f f e r e n t l y


The Mercenary and the Wolf

Take me out of this place I’m in
Break me out of this shell-like case I’m in

Underneath the skin there’s a human
Buried deep within there’s a human
And despite everything I’m still human

is that what we’re doing?

                   pretending like our live’s aren’t screwed?